With more than 30 years in the industry, our team consists of top-level experts who know exactly what it takes to deliver for our clients.


Faciliteq specializes in delivering high-performance Architectural Interiors in the Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver and Boise metropolitan areas.

Our offerings include Modular Walls, Modular Power and Data Distribution, Raised Access Flooring, and resimercial furniture.

Meet our founder, Quentin Abramo

Quentin Abramo entered the industry in 1983, starting his own furniture supply company in Denver, Colorado. He since worked in business development with Carnegie Fabrics in New York City and in several positions at Haworth, the second-largest office furniture manufacturer in the world.

Abramo founded Faciliteq Business Interiors in 2005, to create sustainable, economical and employee-friendly workplaces. Faciliteq was built on and remains true to the conviction that workplaces should be designed thoughtfully – with specific regard to environmental impact, technological implementation and the comfort of those using it.

Inspired by his upbringing in Italy, France and Germany, Abramo’s appreciation for art and culture are at the heart of Faciliteq’s service. In 2005, Abramo moved the Faciliteq headquarters to Downtown Las Vegas in an effort to help revitalize the area. In this, Abramo remains true to Faciliteq’s mission – to create spaces that encourage creativity, comfort and productivity.

With comprehensive floor-to-ceiling solutions, we have you covered with furniture, walls, and floors.

Faciliteq provides turn-key business interiors that are high-performance, enabling your business to operate efficiently and responsibly. 

Why Faciliteq?

Our distinction lies in our commitment to sustainability, the aesthetic allure of our furniture pieces, the dynamic efficiency of our team, and the unique feature of modular architect interiors that span from floor to ceiling.