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Working hard and working well are different principles. Faciliteq lives by the idea that cohesive, collaborative and sustainable workspaces breed both creativity and success.
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Commercial Office Furniture

We understand the challenges that face businesses today – least of which should be where you set up shop. That’s why we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of commercial office solutions, suited to fit both your business’s vibe and its budget. At Faciliteq, we don’t create work. We facilitate it.
We focus not only on what looks great, but what works great.
Thoughtful, connected items carefully curated to create the perfect space.
Spaces unique as you are, with a vibe that’s completely proprietary.
Faciliteq was instrumental in assisting with the move into our new space over the past month. We are so humbled by the generosity of Quentin and his team!
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Your Space
Custom designs have never looked so good.
Finally your space can look the way
you always imagined.
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When your success hinges on your team’s collaboration, you need a workspace that “gets it.”
Place to Relax

Place to Relax

Office space doesn't have to be boring. We offer serious workspace with a relaxing, inviting vibe.
Spacious Seating

Spacious Seating

Room for your team, your clients and everyone else involved in making your business successful.
For Every Workstyle

For Every Workstyle

From solo spaces to collaborative conference rooms, we design for how you work.

World Class Space Design

Your business has enough challenges without your office space holding you back. Discover how a thoughtful, responsible and comfortable office interiors can accelerate your productivity. At Faciliteq, we’re in the business of making your business better – through workspaces that are as inviting and comfortable as they are unique and inspiring.
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