Office Modular Design Basics

office modular design

Your business goes through constant change and evolution, so why should your office space stay the same? Office modular design is an intelligent way to create an office interior that can grow and adapt with your company.

What Is Modular Office Design?

Office modular design refers to the practice of using standardized, interchangeable parts to create an interior layout. These individual parts are called modules or skids, and the can easily be changed, rearranged, or replaced to create new spaces and functionalities.

Think about the way Legos work, and you’ll be on the right track.

Modules can be taken apart, rearranged, and put back together in almost infinite variety.

In office design, this means that you can easily transform your work area by moving or repurposing your modules.

Depending on your interior space, modular furniture might be the smartest way to modernize your office space, but furniture is far from the only module you can install in your commercial interior. You can install modular walls, windows, power sources, and infrastructure components so that you can drastically change your office layout with minimal effort and cost.

Why Go Modular?

Aside from flexibility, modular design offers multiple advantages.

Because modules are standardized, they’re faster and easier to manufacture. That brings down your cost, especially if you need to make changes frequently. The time you save reduces costs, too – the quicker you can update your space, the sooner you can get back to business.

Modular design is also green design.

Rather than tearing out old materials and rebuilding with new components, building with modules allows you to move and repurpose the same pieces in many different ways.

Adding a single feature, such as storage space, is quick and easy, and when your needs change, you don’t have to waste any space. This means that your team can occupy a smaller office quite comfortably, and you’ll be able to stay in the same building for much longer since adapting to changing needs is simple.

Modular design is the perfect middle ground between cheap, standardized mass production and highly personalized custom spaces.

You can probably upgrade to a modern, modular design in your existing office space.

Consult with an office interior designer to see what it would take to bring the power of office modular design into your commercial interior.

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