Office Decorating Ideas That Amplify Your Brand

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Your brand is more than just the logo on your business cards and the tagline on your homepage. Infuse your branding into everything, and even your office space can do some of your marketing work for you.

Branding your office design is surprisingly beneficial to your bottom line.

Imagine coming into your workplace every day to find your team engaged, productive, happy, and all working together to achieve your company’s collective goals.

Studies have shown that your office space has a profound effect on productivity and culture – by branding your space, you can subtly influence the way your team thinks and feels about the company for which they work, and the results can be spectacular.

Why Brand Your Office Design?

By allowing your brand to shine in your workplace, you influence your team to get on board with your brand’s values. Branded office space makes it easier to attract the right talent, retain your most valuable employees, and keep your culture consistent and thriving.

Your office space isn’t just for your employees, though.

Think about all of the other people that connect with you in your workspace.

Clients, customers, vendors, and even members of your community see your office as a direct reflection of your company.

When your office interior design is aligned with your brand, you develop trust, exude integrity, and communicate your values in the most powerful possible way. After all, the way you work says more about your company than a slogan or tagline will ever convey.

That brand-consistent office design also gives you a significant head start in your marketing when you meet clients in your own space.

Creating a branded space is much more than painting your walls the right color and displaying your logo, though.

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Here are some ways to brand your office through decorating and design:

5 Office Decorating Ideas to Brand Your Space

1: Reflect and magnify your culture.

Is your brand built on intense, individual focus, or do you want your team involved in creative collaboration?

The way you lay out your desks and meeting spaces directly impacts that dynamic.

What about your aesthetic? Are you more clean, bright, and professional, or does your brand have a funky, modern, or trendy vibe? A brand that focuses on straightforward professionalism probably won’t have bean bag chairs in conference rooms.

Your brand and culture might be modern or classic, irreverent or intellectual, meticulously planned or freeform and messy.

Those attributes can all be reflected in the way you design and decorate your office space. Find details and features that personify your cultural values.

2: Invite your team to participate and personalize.

Companies are made of people.

Nobody likes dealing with a nameless, faceless corporation, and it’s hard to care about a brand when you can’t see the humans behind the logo.

It’s far easier to get your clients and prospects emotionally invested in your people than in your products, and when your team is front and center, they feel more engaged and important in the work they’re doing.

Post pictures of team outings, photos of family members, references to inside jokes, and items with special meaning to the people who work in your office.

For example:

NeONBRAND, a company based in a Faciliteq designed building, has a large picture of a zebra that has been taken from office to office since their early startup days. It’s become sort of an unofficial company mascot, and the team remembers their scrappy startup roots when they see it displayed prominently on the wall.

Office Chairs with Desks

3: Incorporate your brand colors in interesting ways.

Painting your walls in your brand colors is great.

Take it a step further by finding (or painting) decorative items and accents in your brand colors to place around your office space.

Find items like plants, paintings, and sculptures that reflect your brand values, especially if those items have some additional significance to your team such as the example above.

The details matter, and when you pay attention to the small things in your office decor, you’re showing your prospects, clients, and team members that you’re meticulous about every component of your business.

4: Showcase your core competency.

Your products and/or services are at the heart of your brand, as they’re the part of your business that makes it possible for you to exist.

Even if your office is separate from your manufacturing facilities or your sales center, there’s still a place for your product to take the stage. With your products or services front and center, your office design, like your brand, can be centered around exactly what you do as a business.

Have products in your office. Display discontinued items in a mini museum. Celebrate your company’s successes and awards.

By combining who you are as a company and what you do to make money, you create a more holistic brand culture.

5: Highlight your community.

Businesses don’t exist in bubbles. Your brand would be irrelevant without the community within which it belongs, so create an office space that encourages community participation.

Your community isn’t necessarily the physical area around your office – the people and businesses with which your brand interacts and identifies are your real community, no matter where they’re located or how you connect.

To incorporate your community into your office interior design, share award plaques, photos from community events, and mementos that remind your team of the times you connected with the bigger picture.

In cases where your company is active in the local (physical) community, you can create public use areas in your building to actually bring people to you. Host Meetup groups, share artwork or products from other businesses in your area, and provide opportunities for non-competing companies to get involved through your brand and space.

For smaller businesses, setting up shop in a coworking space has tremendous community value at a lower cost.

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Office redesign can be a huge project, or it might just be a matter of tweaking a few key elements. As long as you’re thinking about a new office interior, start thinking about what that means for your brand, too.

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