5 New Year Resolutions for Your Office Design

The end of the year is here, and that means you’re busy celebrating – and thinking about a fresh new start in 2017. If you’re hoping to make your business more successful and your employees happier and more productive, you might want to look into your office design. Believe it or not, the design (or lack thereof) of your space could be affecting your employee morale, productivity, and creativity. So if you’re thinking of New Year’s resolutions, show some love to that office space – your business and your employees will thank you.

Collaborate more

When it comes to inspiring creativity, the more minds that come together, the better. And if your office doesn’t exactly encourage collaboration, it’s time to make some modern steps toward a better workspace. Today, office design is turning more and more to open, collaborative space rather than a series of offices or divided cubicles. Sure, everyone needs to put their head down and get some work down now and then, but too many walls can stifle creative thinking. If you need some quiet space, sanction a few offices or conference rooms for that purpose. But keep in mind that these don’t need to be “traditional” offices – assigned based on seniority. A flexible space allows everyone what they need at the moment – whether that’s a place to pow-wow with coworkers or a quiet spot to jump into a spreadsheet.Collaborate with Coworkers

Lighten up

If your office space is bright, white and completely artificial, your employees could likely use a little more natural light. Today’s optimal workspace use natural light rather than the depressing fluorescent ceiling lights of yesteryear. Studies have shown that natural light not only improves employees’ health (goodbye, endless sick days!), but it also encourages productivity. If you can’t move to a new, lighter space this year, then take a good look at how you’re using your office space. Do you have high cubicle walls that are blocking the windows from most of your employees? Are the windows obstructed by ugly filing cabinets or boxes? It may be time to rethink the light – and let it in!

Scale back

A cluttered workspace often means a cluttered brain – and if you’ve got a dozen employees, well, that’s a lot of cluttered brains. If you’ve ever grown out of an office space, you know what it’s like to have boxes stacked in corners, file cabinets everywhere you look and miscellaneous desk supplies filling every nook and cranny. If your space isn’t exactly making your creative juices flow, try decluttering. Do you need 100 copies of that ad you ran back in 2001? Is there a reason you need ten printers and 547 staplers? If you’re finding your equipment excessive, it might be an IT issue – going paperless (or as paperless as possible) will help free you of endless files and storage cabinets. And as you clear the clutter, you’ll likely clear your head, too.

Color it

“White, gray and taupe always inspire my creativity,” said no office worker ever. If your office looks like someone dumped a can of hospital paint all over it, make 2017 the year you let the color in. That doesn’t mean your space needs to look like a unicorn threw up in it, but a good office designer can help you add pops of color – like bright chairs, rugs, and accent walls. As an employer, the colors you choose for your office can help you encourage certain feelings in your employees. For example, some colors are calming, while others invoke a sense of energy and excitement. For example, you might use light blue in a break room to encourage a sense of calm, while adding red to a conference room or collaborative space to boost energy.

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