3 Elements of Modern Office Design That Just Make Sense

Collaborate with Coworkers

If you work in a cubicle, there’s a pretty good chance your office looks about the same now as it did in 1975. Office interior design has remained stagnant while the world has moved on around it, and since traditional office designs are clunky, inefficient, and ill suited for modern technologies, that’s a real shame.

Modern office design is nothing like your musty cubicle jungle.

Commercial interior designers create office spaces that are built around the way people use them, rather than placing furniture in a room and expecting the humans to adapt. The science of creating tools that are designed around human habits is called ergonomics, and it makes a bigger difference to your productivity and health than you think.

Here are a few of the ways that modern office design makes more sense than the old cubicle way of life.

Modern Offices Encourage Collaboration

Putting walls between coworkers makes your team feel territorial and isolated. Cubicle culture is that dog-eat-dog, every man for himself type of attitude, and that’s not the kind of environment where cooperation rules.

Take down the walls.

In a modern office, team members make eye contact. They talk. They move from place to place as they need to, and they can easily collaborate with their peers to get things done.

Office space planning actually impacts the culture and productivity of your organization.

Ditch the cubicles, and that one change makes an immense difference.

Modern Offices Grow With Your Business

As your business needs change and your team grows, fitting more people and new functionalities into your traditional office space can be quite a challenge.

In a modern office, though, adaptation is built in.

With features like modular office design, open air spaces, and multi-purpose furniture and rooms, office redesign is as simple as sliding a wall aside or shuffling chairs.

You shouldn’t have to adapt your business to suit your office. Your office should adapt to suit your needs.

Modern Offices Are Environmentally Friendly

Going paperless is great, but traditional office spaces are still ridiculously inefficient.

When a professional commercial interior designer creates an office space, features like under-floor HVAC systems, efficient lighting, skylights, and even the construction materials used help modern offices leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Add in environmentally friendly practices like using real dishes instead of disposable items, installing air dryers for wet hands in bathrooms, and locating offices near convenient public transportation, and your modern office can be an environmentally friendly example in a world of energy consumers.

There’s no reason for your office to remain clunky and inefficient.

Upgrade to a modern design, make it easier for your people to be productive and creative, and watch what happens to your bottom line.

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