4 Ways to Maximize Your College Study Space

Maximize Your College Study SpaceFall is here and that means school is back in session! If you’re off to college this year, you’ve probably given your dorm room or apartment some consideration. Of course, you’ll want to have a great place to hang out and host friends, but if you haven’t given some thought to your study space, it’s probably time to. After all, as much fun as your next year of college may be, you definitely don’t want to have to repeat it. If you’re not the studious type, don’t worry. You may just need the right inspirational space to help you ace those midterms. Here are four vital ways you can maximize your study space.

Create a designated study space.

You might think your couch, corner table or your bed will serve just fine as a study space, but if that’s the case, you might find yourself less studious than you’d otherwise be. Think about it; you’re trained to relax and sleep in your bed and your couch is where Netflix, takeout and hanging out happens. That means it’s going to be pretty tough to shift gears into a productive frame of mind. And, let’s be honest, sitting in front of the TV will only make it easier to turn that sucker on!

Your workspace begins with a surface – and it doesn’t have to be fancy. A small, corner desk works just fine in a small apartment or dorm where space is limited. Don’t worry about the size of your desk or table; your primary concern should be that your study space doesn’t double as a space to do, well, something you’d rather do. Park of working productively is training yourself to focus when it’s time. Your study space will help you do just that.

Sit comfortably.

You have a work surface, now you need a comfortable way to sit up to that surface. Your desk chair shouldn’t be something you borrowed from the kitchenette of your dorm after dinner each night. Hard, uncomfortable seats won’t allow you to get into a productive mindset because you’ll be too busy adjusting the chair, your body or both. When it comes to choosing a desk chair, your butt knows best. Choose something that offers support and comfort without making you feel like you’re going to fall asleep (never a good study activity). When shopping, try out as many chairs as you can get your hands on – and your butt in. Your chair selection is personal, so don’t feel like you need to (or should) simply go by recommendations from friends.

Get some additional lighting.

Overhead lighting might be fine – most of the time. But chances are, if you’re in college, at some point you’ll have to pull an all-nighter – while they rest of your dorm room or apartment sleep the night away. Having a small, personal task light is a good way to keep your workspace illuminated while leaving your roommates undisturbed. Task lights work differently than your average table or floor lamp because they’re specifically designed to illuminate a small space. Think of it as a spotlight for your productivity.

Double your monitor (double your productivity!)

If your workspace allows, leave some room on it (and in your back-to-school budget) for an extra computer monitor. As a student, you’ll likely be working on a laptop for portability, but those small screens can make study time tedious – not to mention cause eye strain. Opt for a second monitor so you can reference something on one screen while working on the other. Even if your school computer is a desktop, you’ll find the extra monitor super helpful, as it will keep you from playing the minimize-maximize-window juggle game. Whether it’s work or school, productivity is the key to your success. Set yourself up today.

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