5 reasons to spring clean your office

organizing your office

If the groundhog was right in its prediction, we’re almost out of the winter gloom. And along with warmer temperatures and more sunshine comes the age-old tradition of giving your home and your life a refresh. Yep, it’s just about time for spring cleaning! If you dread spring cleaning, you shouldn’t. The thing is, the better organized and clutter-free your personal space, the more clutter-free your mind! That means you’re bound to be more productive and more creative than ever – if you’re willing to put forth the effort. Here are a few reasons to channel those spring cleaning efforts into your office space:

You (and your employees) will be more productive.

Greater productivity just because you gave your office a good clean-up? Believe it or not, it can happen. Organizing your office is actually a crucial part of helping your employees work to the best of their abilities. Think about it; when you’re employees are halfway through a project and have to stop to find something – a file or other supply they need – that flow of productivity and creativity is interrupted. That said, when your office is designed and organized in a way that offers your employees the ability to let their productivity flow, you’re bound to see results. A good spring cleaning and organizing session can help you minimize – or eliminate – unnecessary distractions due to a cluttered, poorly designed space.

Keep your employees healthy

You care about the health of your employees because you care about your employees. But you also know that employee absenteeism can be a blow to your bottom line. If it’s been a while since your office has been cleaned well, now is definitely the time to give it a professional sweep. Desks, phones and door handles are notorious for harboring germs and bacteria, and if you’ve got clutter, chances are you’ve got some germs using it as a refuge. Cleaning up the work surfaces, breakrooms and particularly the bathrooms in and around the office can help you make sure you’re not covering more sick days than you should be.

Keep your employees safe

You don’t want your employees sick, and you really don’t want your employees injured. If you’re making do with a poorly designed office full of clutter, outdated or unnecessary equipment, storage boxes and filing cabinets that block walkways and other unsightly – and dangerous – piles, it’s time to tackle the mess. Workplace injuries can really cost you, and while you’re likely covered by worker’s compensation insurance, that’s not something you want to fall back on, as an injured employee can cost you time and productivity as well as money. Now is the time to make your office as safe as you can for those employees you rely on.

Keep your records straight

Just about every business relies on paperwork for something – whether that include client billing or tax preparation. When you can’t find what you’re looking for, you’ll waste time (which means you’ll waste money) trying to track it down or replace it. Cleaning and organizing your office means creating a filing or storage system that will keep those important documents where they need to be – which is in your hands right when you need them.

Keep a better inventory

It takes a lot of everyday supplies to run an office effectively. Think about this; if your workspace is completely disorganized, you’re likely spending more than you need to replace supplies you already have. somewhere. Spring cleaning gives you the opportunity to compile your entire office supply inventory into a central location in order to cut down on duplicative or excessive purchasing.

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