Easy Green Workplace Ideas That Make an Impact

Use these green workplace ideas to save money and make an impact

Going green is more than responsible. It’s also cost effective, efficient, and a great way to boost employee morale and productivity.

Your green workplace ideas don’t have to be complicated or expensive to implement.

Here are 5 ideas to consider when you’re looking at the benefits of a green office:

Cost Effective Green Workplace Ideas

1: Put real dishes in your breakroom.

Paper plates and plastic cups create a lot of waste, and while they seem cheap, that expense adds up quickly in a busy office.

Every time someone has a birthday party, splits lunch with a coworker, or hosts a potluck, everyone needs plates and utensils.

A simple dishwasher and a smattering of mismatched dishes and silverware are a great addition to your breakroom.

Think about this:

In addition to being an environmentally responsible and money-saving choice, your office culture shifts a little bit when your employees feel like they’re sharing family meals together.

It’s classy.

It’s charming.

And it’s responsible.

2: Participate in a recycling program.

It doesn’t take any extra time or effort to put recycling bins around the office.

Most cities have some sort of recycling program already in place.

Your most conscious employees will appreciate your efforts, and participating in recycling programs is great for your PR.

3: Go paperless.

In a digital world, there’s really no reason for you to keep working on paper.

Keep hard copies of the most important documents, of course.

But for most routine items, digital is the way to go.

Going paperless is far more efficient, too, because multiple employees and departments can access the same information without as much risk of loss, and sharing is seamless and instant.

Paper and ink are also quite expensive. Wouldn’t you like to cut that cost?

When you must use paper, try to opt for recycled materials and refillable ink cartridges.

4: Switch to LEDs and use motion activated lights.

Why should you pay for electricity when there’s nobody in the office?

With a team of employees, people are inevitably going to forget and leave the lights on.

Motion sensor lights turn off automatically when there’s noone around, so a second of forgetfulness doesn’t cost you hundreds extra on your electricity bill.

Plus, LEDs are environmentally friendly and very cost effective.

Your office could save hundreds, perhaps even thousands, on lighting costs just by switching to LEDs.

5: Offer flexible transportation options.

Commuting is inconvenient and expensive, and it’s one of the biggest factors in environmental impact.

Try organizing a carpool in your office, situation yourself near public transportation options, or offering remote working arrangements for some or all of your employees.

Reducing the stress of transportation is a big deal for your employees.

It’s probably a big deal for you, too.

Faster, easier, and cheaper commutes are something we’d all like.

Is your office green? Tell us your favorite green tip in the comments!

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