Fern Seating: The Cure for the Common Workplace

Think about it; 75 percent of the work performed in first-world, industrialized countries is done from the comfort of a desk chair – with the word “comfort” used very loosely in this case. This type of desk work might be what our highly digitized world requires, but it’s doing very little to help America’s ever increasing sedentary lifestyle. That’s exactly why Fern was designed. Fern, introduced last year, is Haworth’s most ergonomic, healthy chair to date. The way Fern works is by turning traditional design from the outside in – with dimensional suspension artfully concealed within the structure of the chair itself.

Fern Seating: The Cure for the Common Workplace

More sitting, less seating

Any good desk chair requires both structure and support, but, according to Haworth, the support is what actually makes the difference in your work and health. Fern delivers a chair that moves the suspension architecture from the outside of the chair to the center, keeping edges soft and pliable. That means you won’t suffer from pressure points or discomfort due to hard edges.

Fern’s center structure includes a suspension system Haworth calls Stem, which supports a number of structures called Fronds. These Fronds, all of which are designed differently, support a different area of the back. The result: the entirety of your back is supported all day long when you’re working from the Fern chair. This support cannot be overrated, as it is what helps protect your body from serious ailments, conditions and pain through continued use.

The typical chair (and its problems)

Typical desk chairs do not offer the support needed to keep you in good posture – or in good health. In fact, poor posture (like your slumped, unsupported position in your current office chair) can have many negative effects on your health. In fact, poor posture can contribute to improper digestion because your digestive organs become compressed and incapable of ideal function. Additionally, bad posture can affect your very mood and may exacerbate or increase the risk of depression in people who sit for long periods of time each day. Unsurprisingly, poor posture can also negatively affect work performance and even increase stress levels.

Other unfortunate side effects of poor ergonomics are more noticeable. Varicose veins and the slumped back of someone with poor posture may be reason enough to upgrade your old desk chair (we’re sold already!).

Good news for employers

Fern Chair GifFor employers, the health and wellness of your employees is likely reason enough to invest in the most supportive, ergonomic chair out there. But if it’s not, your employees’ productivity is likely a big factor. Uncomfortable, poorly designed office furniture – particularly seating – has the unfortunate effect of making employees feel disengaged. This disengagement doesn’t come cheap. In fact, actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. between $450 and $550 billion each year in lost productivity. Additionally, employee distraction is also costing businesses. Research shows that the cost of employee distraction is $650 billion annually. What’s more, there is a big link between good posture and less employee distraction. The bottom line: when employees are less distracted and more engaged, they’re more productive, and ergonomics have a big impact on whether employees are less distracted and more engaged.

The people have spoken

Designing the ultimate ergonomic chair isn’t a simple task. After designing, sculpting and building the most beautiful prototypes, the real testing began; the Haworth professionals hit the road to ensure that everyday workers found this chair to be the most comfortable they’d ever sat in.

The Fern was the clear-cut answer to the ergonomic working problem. The chair ensured that the people sitting in it were balanced, centered and – most importantly – comfortable. The Fern’s natural response to each movement made it the epitome of professional comfort.

Your employees’ health, engagement and productivity matters. Talk to us about increasing all three with Fern.


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