Office Floor-plan Ideas to Suit Your Company Culture

Your business isn’t exactly the same as every other, so why is your office space the same generic cubicle layout you see everywhere else?

The way your office is designed and organized has a pronounced impact on your workspace culture. Do you encourage your team to mostly do quiet, focused work without distractions? Are your departments structured around creative teams instead of traditional hierarchies? Your floor-plan can help you create that environment, or it can frustrate your efforts.

Floor-plan Inspiration for Modern Offices

Growing companies often start with a great space, then stay long after their needs have outgrown their space because the cost of a move or remodel is too impractical.

That doesn’t have to happen to you.

A Floor-plan for Growth

organic office space floor plan that can grow with you

In this floor-plan, there are places for group work, private workspaces, lounges, and meeting rooms set up in modules that can be easily changed as needed.

Instead of dividing the space into rooms using permanent walls, private areas are surrounded by modular walls that can be taken down and moved in a much shorter amount of time.

A layout like this costs 75% less to ‘remodel,’ and since many of these areas are multi-purpose, the space can grow with a growing company.

A Floor-plan that Fits Employee Work Styles

floorplan to fit multiple employee needs and work styles

Some people thrive in an open, collaborative environment. Others can’t handle the distractions, and productivity suffers.

Odds are, you have some of each of those kinds of people on your team.

In this floor-plan, you give those team members a place where they can work according to their own strengths. Notice the blend of open workspaces, cubicles, and semi-private desk arrangements.

There are also plenty of team rooms set up where a small group can tackle team projects without disturbing their work neighbors.

With conference rooms in a variety of sizes and desks in several arrangements, managers or team members can select the type of space that works best for their own work styles.

A Floor-plan For Tech Ergonomics

tech ergonomics floor-plan

“Ergonomic” isn’t just a fancy word for an expensive type of chair.

An ergonomic office is set up to adjust to the way people use it rather than expecting humans to change their behaviors to suit their environment.

This floor-plan is designed to create an ergonomic environment for modern, tech-heavy companies. Teams are organized where they can communicate and accomplish goals without needing to get up and find the peers on the same project, and there is plenty of space for creative collaboration.

In this plan, even the kitchens and lounge spaces are ergonomically designed to reduce strain and streamline the work day.

For a modern company, a floor-plan like this one enhances productivity and boosts employee morale.

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