What Is Modular Office Design and How Do I Do It?

what is modular office design

Modular office design – and modular design in general – is one of the smartest innovations in office interior design since the invention of air conditioning.

When it comes to office architecture, the easiest way to understand the modular approach is to think of something much smaller.


Don’t worry; it will all make sense in a minute.

What Is Modular Office Design?

Think of the way Lego bricks fit together. You can take them apart, replace them, and recombine the same or different bricks in an infinite number of ways.

That’s the essence of modular design.

Each individual piece fits in with the whole, and if you need to change or customize part or all of your structure or space, it’s simple to change out only what you need.

With that level of flexibility and customizability, modular office design is perfect for a growing business. Rather than changing offices every time your team outgrows your space or needs a new arrangement, and without remodeling your space to make changes, you can easily shift to meet your evolving needs.

Your office is composed of modules, sometimes called skids.

Things like modular walls that can be moved or removed as needed, office redesign can be completed quickly, on-demand, and without too much fuss.

That flexibility is what makes modular office design so valuable.

So, how do you get it?

How Do I Get a Modular Office?

Converting your space into a modular office isn’t as simple as redecorating.

Trying to remodel your office by yourself might not be wise, especially if you’re aiming for green interior design with modular flexibility.

Leave it to the experts.

By bringing in an experienced commercial interior designer that knows their way around business interiors, you can build an office that is uniquely fitted to your current needs, and that grows with your company.

Office space planning can be tricky, but with a sleek modular design, you can overcome a lot of the challenges without costly office redesign.

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